Saturday, April 11, 2015

Smart Talking about Clinical Studies

Smart Talking about Clinical Studies

Think about the power of your words. You have a chance to make a huge difference in the world of advancing medicine and with your help we can reach millions of people. Read more on our blog about how you can explore the power of speaking out about clinical studies. 

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Regardless of the reason, we would like you to know that you are a powerful voice in the advancement of clinical research.
CISCRP has put together interesting and informative short videos to share with your friends and family members about clinical studies.
Think about the power of your words. You have a chance to make a huge difference in the world of advancing medicine. With your help we can reach millions of people.
Below is a link created by CISCRP that explores the power of speaking out about clinical studies, so speak outbut speak smart.

Friday, February 6, 2015

#GoRed for Women and Learn about Research Opportunities for Heart Disease with PMG

Heart disease and stroke kill 1 in 3 women, yet it's 80% preventable.

How can we all work together to make a difference?

Today is National Wear Red Day!
  • Nearly 90% have made at least one healthy behavior change.
  • More than one-third have lost weight.
  • More than 50% have increased their exercise.
  • 6 out of 10 have changed their diets.
  • More than 40% have checked their cholesterol levels.
  • One third has talked with their doctors about developing heart health plans.
  • Today, nearly 300 fewer women die from heart disease and stroke each day
  • Death in women has decreased by more than 30 percent over the past 10 years.                

PMG Research is currently offering several clinical research trials that deal with heart disease and its risk factors for men and women. To learn more about what we have to offer please contact us today or visit our website

The team in Winston-Salem wore red today - did you?

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

PMG Research wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday!

We would like to send a sincere thank you to our participants, investigators, healthcare institution, and Sponsors and CRO partners this Holiday Season. Thank you for helping us bring clinical research to as many lives as possible!

Here are some of the winners and team photos from the PMG Research ugly Christmas sweater contest for your enjoyment!

The Hickory Team

The Rocky Mount Team

The Salisbury Team
The Bristol Team

The Wilmington Team

Carla in Bristol

Kristi in Knoxville

Sarfea in Winston-Salem

Sharon in Rocky Mount

Marcus in Wilmington
Amy in Salisbury

Tyler in Charleston

Leslie in the Network Office

Friday, October 10, 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime? In 2014 it is estimated that over 232,000 women in the United States will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and nearly 40,000 will die as a result of breast cancer. It is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women worldwide, and the second leading cause of death for women in the U.S. However, it is also important to note that more than 2.8 million women in the U.S. with a history of breast cancer were alive in 2014.1

These numbers illustrate the importance of early detection and screening for the best outcomes. Conducting regular self breast exams and following other screening guidelines for detecting early stage breast cancer are critically important. The American Cancer Society recommends that women receive an annual mammogram beginning at age 40 and are screened regularly. Early detection by mammography also leads to a greater range of treatment options, including less-extensive surgery, the use of chemotherapy with fewer side effects, or even possibly the option to forgo chemotherapy.

These numbers also illustrate the importance of clinical research. Participation in clinical trials provides essential information about the effectiveness and risks of a new treatment. And for breast cancer – like so many other diseases – continued research to discover new and more effective treatments could someday save lives, or even lead to a cure.

You can find more 2014 Breast Cancer Statistics here. If you would like to learn more about clinical trials for breast cancer, you can visit or the American Cancer Society Clinical Trials Matching Service. The National Institutes of Health also features clinical trials, and there are many additional resources, such as to help you find a trial that may be right for you. To learn more about currently enrolling trials at PMG Research, visit us here.


Below: The PMG Research of Raleigh team wearing their pink for Breast Cancer Awareness!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Congratulations on a new FDA Approval - Contrave

PMG is excited to share that Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Orexigen® Therapeutics announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Contrave® extended-release tablets as an adjunct to a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity for chronic weight management in adults with obesity, or those who are overweight with at least one weight-related comorbid condition (such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, or diabetes).

All ten PMG Research sites, and nearly 1,000 patient volunteers participated in the various studies leading up to the approval of Contrave. We would like to extend a special thank you to our volunteers, physician investigators, and site staff who all contributed to this success. It is always so exciting to see clinical research lead to FDA approval and the potential to help so many people.

To learn more: 

To learn more about currently enrolling studies at PMG Research, visit our website at

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

PMG Research Announces our 11th Site - PMG Research of Rocky Mount!

PMG Research, Inc. (PMG) announced today the establishment of its 11th clinical research site: PMG Research of Rocky Mount. Effective September 1, PMG Research has assumed ownership and operation of the clinical research department at Boice-Willis Clinic in Rocky Mount, NC, further expanding PMG’s presence in eastern North Carolina. This new site enhances PMG’s access to an additional 130,000 patients. For the patients in Rocky Mount and the surrounding communities, this brings an increased opportunity to participate in a clinical research trial, whether as patients of Boice-Willis Clinic or as new research participants. For the pharmaceutical and clinical trials industry, it means collaboration with a greater number of physician investigators across a wider range of therapeutic areas, increased physician referrals to the PMG network, and better access to patients.

Jennifer Byrne, CEO of PMG Research explains, “PMG has found Boice-Willis Clinic – its leadership, staff, and physician investigators – to be a true example of a like-minded organization. The Mission of Boice-Willis Clinic and its commitment to Medical Home, along with their dedication to clinical research and its benefit to patient, community, and medical advancement, illustrate both a business and philosophical alignment upon which our successful partnership will be built.”

Founded in 1914, Boice-Willis Clinic is the area's oldest private, multi-specialty health care practice. Boice-Willis Clinic also has conducted clinical research since 1995, with the foundation of a dedicated research department in 2007. Their physicians have experience in Cardiology, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Hematology, Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Neurology, Oncology, Pulmonology, and Rheumatology research.

Boice-Willis Clinic CEO Gary J. Fazio commented on how pleased they are to have PMG as a business partner of the Clinic. Mr. Fazio said, “Clinical research is an important service that the Clinic wants to continue to provide the community. Partnering with PMG and their experience in managing clinical research trials carries out that mission to the community we serve.” 

If you have family or friends in the Rocky Mount area who may be interested in participating in research with us, please invite them to call 252.937.0484 or visit to learn more.

If you are an industry representative and are interested in learning more about PMG of Rocky Mount's investigators and capabilities, please contact Kathy Cole at 919.746.7106 or

Welcome, PMG of Rocky Mount!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Happy Anniversary PMG Research!

PMG Research began as a single site based in a GI office in Winston-Salem, NC in 1979. Thirty five years later and we span 3 states, 10 sites, 53 practice partners, 130+ Investigators, and 150+ employees - and we're still growing! Most importantly, we have touched the lives of over 200,000 people in our sites' communities. Some of you have participated in several studies with PMG, some have participated in one. Many of you have reached out to us just to learn more, or simply because you share our philosophy that clinical research changes lives.

We would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to every one of our study volunteers - including those still waiting for a trial that is the right fit. It is because of you that we are the organization we have become and because of you that we strive to fulfill our mission every day:
To bring clinical research to as many lives as possible, while delivering unparalleled service and exceptional value to our clinical trial partners and stakeholders. 

Thank you!
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