Monday, December 21, 2009

Palmetto Medical Research Adopts a Family

The staff of Palmetto Medical Research adopted a very special family this holiday season. The family consists of 3 adopted children, ages 4, 5, and 6 and their Mom and Dad. The mother is a study participant at Palmetto Medical Research. The children are biological siblings and had each lived in different foster care families for their entire lives. They were adopted less than a year ago. This is the first real Christmas they are celebrating and also their first Christmas together with their biological siblings. The adoptive parents were on the adoption list, seeking only 1 child. When the agency called and informed them they had 3 biological siblings who had been in and out of different foster families, separated, for their entire respective lives, the prospective parents couldn’t imagine adopting only one of them.  They instead decided to give a new loving home to all three children. They have had some financial struggles since bringing the three children home and had not planned on celebrating Christmas this year.
The staff went shopping together and bought each of the children many new outfits, pajamas, games, and toys. They also bought the parents a gift card to use for groceries and other necessities. The staff wrapped each of the gifts and presented them to the mother the week prior to Christmas. She was overjoyed and brought to tears by the generosity of the staff.
Palmetto Medical Research is grateful for the opportunity to make this family’s Christmas a special and memorable one.

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