Monday, January 4, 2010

"Unifour Santa and Elves" visit Sipe's Orchard Home

The staff of Unifour Medical Research joined in on a very special Christmas Celebration with 55 children between the ages of 2 and 5 at the Tyndall Preschool at Sipe's Orchard Home.  Sipe's has offered five-star children's educational programs for working families, as well as programs for homeless youth and young adults for more than 60 years.  According to Sipe's, studies show that the earlier a child receives cognitive, social and behavioral intervention, the better their chances of success in life.  The Orchard provides a safe place for children and their families.  The grounds include ponds, a stream woods, ball field, basketball court and picnic pavilion.  Horses and llamas graze over 200 acres of beautiful pasture and the barnyard stays busy with geese, chickens and peacocks.  V.O. and Viola Sipes established the Sipe's Orchard Home in 1943.  To learn more about Sipe's Orchard Home click here.

On December 16, the Unifour team joined the kids for a day of caroling, food, and fun.  Each child got to spend some time with "Unifour Santa" and he gave each of them a Christmas gift.  Unifour Santa and his elves also delivered pizza and cupcakes to each classroom and spent some time with the children while they ate and opened their gift.

The Unifour team had a blast with the children and were glad to be able to help make their Christmas a fun one!

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