Monday, March 15, 2010

Crescent Medical Research Gives Back to Rowan County

In January the staff at Crescent received an incredible blessing.  Rowan Helping Ministries founded in 1967 serves the community in a most amazing way.  They have a crisis assistance network that provides financial assistance, food and clothing.  Funds are available to individuals and families who qualify to help prevent disruption in electrical, natural gas and water services.  There are even funds to help with eviction notices, medication, and mortgages up for foreclosure.  The food and clothing center allows residents to obtain help with grocery and clothing items at no cost.  They offer life coaching to assist with resolving difficult situations.  The soup kitchen serves lunch every day of the year.  There is an overnight shelter for those with no where else to go.  New Tomorrows is a program to teach life skills to the shelter guests.  There is even an assisted living program called Eagle’s Nest.  Rowan Helping Ministries has 28 staff members, but rely on 30-35 volunteers each and every day.

Crescent had the pleasure of being some of those volunteers to help keep the wheels in motion at the soup kitchen on January 15th and 22nd.  The staff arrived early because there was a little more to it than just scooping some food onto plates.  When the staff arrived they were shown the way to the kitchen where the meal for the day was to be prepared.  Every day is different because it all depends on the generosity of the community.  The food that is served is donated by Rowan County citizens, businesses and churches.  When you volunteer in the soup kitchen, you prepare the food, serve the food, and clean up afterwards.  A tour was given of the entire facility and the staff at Rowan Helping Ministries was introduced.  Lunch was served in an hour’s time and smiles were shared all around by the Crescent staff, the Ministries staff and the individuals who came to receive a warm meal. 

What an experience, one that none will soon forget.  Not only was there a shared camaraderie between the staff at Crescent while they enjoyed this incredible opportunity, but to see the impact this place makes on the community first hand.  Lives are changed here and not just those who come for help, but those who come to help.  Crescent played a tiny role in this huge production that takes place here every day.  There are many opportunities to play a bigger role. There is always a need of time, food items, clothing, and even monetary donations.  Rowan Helping Ministries is “putting God’s Love into action”.  Written by Rene Lambert, Clinical Research Coordinator at Crescent Medical Research.

Rowan Helping Ministries
226 North Long Street
Salisbury, NC 28145-4026
704-637-6838 phone
704-637-9364 fax

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