Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In times of need, we'll load a plane up to help!!!

PMG's generous staff pulled together as a network in January to support the Haiti Earthquake Victim's Relief fund through the American Red Cross.  As an organization we were able to raise nearly $2500.00 to support relief efforts in the region. 

The Piedmont Medical Research staff in Winston-Salem, NC even went as far as to have medical supplies flown into Haiti!  As Sharon Pullen, a staff member at PMR, said "PMR stepped up once again, this time to help all the people suffering in Haiti. A staff member had a connection to have medical supplies flown to Haiti. An e-mail went out with the needs and supplies came pouring in. One pack rat or as she likes to fondly be called “a proponent of recycling” came up with all sorts of wonderful items. We were able to send, band aids, sterile gloves, B/P equipment with cuffs, syringes, nebulizer, needles, alcohol wipes, sterile drapes, ibuprofen and numerous medical odds and ends. See below the photo of the full trunk being delivered.  What a great company we all work for!"

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