Saturday, May 15, 2010

Keeping You In the Loop: Arthritis Drug Studied in PMG Network Receives FDA Approval

You will start to see more "Keeping You In The Loop" postings on our blog in an effort to bring you follow up information on medications studied within the PMG network. 

We have recieved news that a drug that was studied at several of the PMG sites has received FDA approval!  We want to say thanks to all of the volunteers that participated in this study at Cary Medical Research, Crescent Medical Research, Metrolina Medical Research and Palmetto Medical Research.  You made a difference and because of you there is now a new drug available for those who need it most!  Click here for the press release. 

We have also received an update on an obesity drug that we conducted studies for at Metrolina Medical Research and Palmetto Medical Research. Click here to see the press release.  Hopefully in October we'll be able to share with you that this drug gets approval too!

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