Monday, August 30, 2010

Keeping You in the Loop: Great News on Several PMG Clinical Trials!

We wanted to share some good news on several clinical trials conducted within PMG network.  We want to thank all of the participants and the sites that contributed to these successes!    

A trial of Apixaban, an anti-clotting drug, at Wilmington Medical Research was closed ahead of schedule due to positive interim results which showed that the study drug demonstrated a significant reduction in stroke in patients that were receiving the study drug, as compared to those in the trial on aspirin.  Participants enrolled in the study have been offered the opportunity to use Apixaban in an open-label extension study (which means that all patients will get Apixaban for an extended period of time).  Click here to see the press release.

Arcalyst is an investigational gout treatment developed by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.  Several PMG sites are enrolling trials using Arcylast.  One of the Arcalyst trials has met key goals, so the drug was shown to be successful for preventing gout flares on patients using Allopurinol therapy.  Since this trial was a late-stage trial, Regeneron intends to submit Arcalyst to the FDA for review sometime next year, according to George Yancopoulos, president of Regeneron Research Laboratories.  Click here to see the press release.

An investigational medication, under study at Piedmont Medical Research from 2006 to 2007 for the treatment of Post Herpetic Neuralgia, or pain after shingles, has been submitted to the FDA for review and approval.  Click here to read more.  Another investigational formulation of gabapentin is also being studied at Triangle Medical Research currently for hot flashes currently in the PMG network.  Click here to read about positive results of a phase II trial with this medication.

Salix Pharmaceuticals announced in early August that their submission of Xifaxan to the FDA for priority review status has been accepted for a proposed indication of non-constipation Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  Several PMG sites have conducted IBS clinical trials with this medication, including Crescent, Metrolina, New Hanover, TriCities and Triangle.  Learn more at Salix Pharmaceutical's website.

Good things are happening in the world of medical advancement.  These stories are not possible without people willing to participate in clinical trials.  Clinical trial participants are the heroes of medical advancement and make better healthcare a reality for millions! 

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