Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Joan Corboy's Story about C. Difficile Infection

See how C. Difficile Infection (CDI) impacted the life of one family... Click here to read Joan Corboy's Story.

Do you have an upcoming hospitalization? Are you entering a long-term care facility? You could be at risk of infection by Clostridium difficile (C. diff), a bacteria that can cause severe gastrointestinal problems. You may qualify for a clinical research study. C. difficile infection (CDI) can cause severe diarrhea and life-threatening complications. Today, CDI can be treated with only a few kinds of antibiotics. Given the increasing reports of this infection and high rates of recurrence, vaccination is a promising solution for CDI prevention.
About this Research Study: The purpose of this research study is to study a vaccine that is designed to protect against C. difficile infection. Currently, there are no licensed vaccines available that can prevent CDI. This study will look at different dosages and schedules of the vaccine and you will be followed after vaccination to see if you develop a C. difficile infection (CDI).

Help us fight against CDI: We are researching an investigational vaccine that may prevent new or recurring cases of CDI. You may qualify for this research study if you are: Between 40 and 75 years of age, Able to attend all scheduled visits within your area, At risk for developing CDI due to an upcoming hospitalization (such as inpatient surgery) or have current/impending residence in a long-term care facility. Contact us today to find out more and learn how you can participate.  This trial is enrolling in Cary, NC, Raleigh, NC, Mt. Pleasant, SC and Hickory, NC. 

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