Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More Than Just a Headache


Some people think migraines are "just bad headaches" but migraine disease is a serious medical condition which can cause great financial and personal losses to people who suffer from it. The truth is that migraine is a genetic neurological disease that brings on episodes or "migraine attacks". Migraine disease and Headache disorders are the most prevalent neurological disorders, affecting more than 30 million Americans. In fact, migraines are 3 times more common in women than in men. If you have migraine disease or know someone who does, learning about the disease is important.
We can start by sharing with migraine sufferers, family and friends that June is National Migraine Awareness Month (NMAM), and the National Headache Foundation (NHF) has launched an educational awareness campaign-More Than Just A Headache-to inform the public about how debilitating this disease can be. It's also aimed to provide resources for migraineurs and their families. Migraine disease remains misunderstood, under-diagnosed and under-treated. It's important for each of us to educate ourselves and others about this devastating disease and to become active in building awareness.
If you have not already, please take a minute to visit the National Headache Foundation website at http://www.headaches.org/ and check out the information and resources available to migraineurs and their families.
Migraine treatment options have also expanded greatly over the past 10 years. Please know that opportunities in clinical research studies are available. Several of our PMG Research sites are currently or will be enrolling migraine studies so please visit our website for more information about studies available in your area.

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