Wednesday, September 19, 2012

PMG Research Employees Nominated for "U.S. Clinical Researcher of the Year"

We are honored to announce a significant milestone in the history of PMG Research, with the nomination of the following PMG Research employees for U.S. Clinical Researcher of the Year, an award that "Recognizes and Rewards Excellence in Clinical Research".  Congratulations to the following PMG team members for this phenomenal accomplishment!

Clinical Research Coordinator Nominations:
Monica Goins- PMG Research of Bristol
Mary Moss- PMG Research of Cary
Alissa Wulf- PMG Research of Charleston
Melissa Brenner- PMG Research of Raleigh
Kim Potts- PMG Research of Salisbury
Brittany Hayes- PMG Research of Wilmington
Sarah Wonderland- PMG Research of Wilmington
Jessica Speece- PMG Research of Winston-Salem

Site Manager (4+ years experience) Nominations:
Tonya Ward-Kiser, PMG Senior Site Manager
Jessica Collins, PMG Senior Site Manager
Susan Thompson, PMG Senior Site Manager

Site Manager (Less than 4 years experience) Nominations:
Brenda Green- PMG Research of Cary

These individuals were nominated for their exemplary research performance in the areas outlined by PMG Research Priorities:

Strengthening the Base of the Company

o   Safety- consistently complies with protocol procedures, adheres to PMG Standard Operating Procedures/Core Operating Guidelines and responsiveness to participant safety

o   Customer Service- consistently contributes to the site through their service to others, putting their Best Foot Forward and a commitment to meeting the needs of others, being responsive and going above and beyond; a team player

o   Quality- leader in the training and development of others (i.e., investigators, staff), establishment/development of satellite sites/new therapeutic capabilities or contributing at a high level to quality assurance monitoring at the site level

Company Performance

o   Consistently contributing to the site’s performance with clinic activity and promoting research to potential new participants

o    A person who contributes to the process of identifying and securing new business (i.e., networking, feasibility support/involvement)


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