Monday, December 10, 2012

Healthy Eating Tips for Holiday Events and Dinners

Eating is our job and passion, so over the years we’ve tried to follow strategies to ensure our waistlines don't grow along with the festive season. This time of year is about celebrations, and food is an important part of that. Rather than striving to diet and lose weight during the holidays, try to maintain your current weight. Below are simply a few suggestions on how to enjoy parties and family meals, without overdoing it during the holidays.

Choose Low Calorie and Healthy Festive Foods Baked Brie and creamy dips are holiday calorie bombs, so there are other party foods naturally low in calories and fat which seem equally as good.  Go for lean deli meats, chicken kebabs, salsa (instead of using chips, spoon up thicker salsa straight from your plate or with a piece of chicken), steamed asparagus, boiled shrimp and grapes. On a cheese tray, go for lower-calorie selections such as goat cheese and feta. Another suggestion would be to avoid the cracker when eating hard cheese.

Bring your Favorite Dish to Parties and Potlucks Ensuring there's something healthy on the buffet, volunteer to bring it yourself. Bring a healthy salad, homemade low calorie dip, or a big batch of roasted root vegetable, all of which provide flavorful, filling alternatives to foods higher in fat and calories.

Keep Liquid Calories in Check
Eggnog - the famously fatty beverage of the holidays! Get the flavor of the season with a shot glass-size serving of nog so you’re not missing out on the festive drink we all love.

Bring Mints or Gum to Parties Once you've had your fill of the food at a party, pop a piece of gum or a mint in your mouth. You won't be as tempted to graze - plus, your breath will be fresher than anyone else's.
There are many more tips for eating well over the holidays but we wanted to share a few helpful hints to remember during this busy time.

Best wishes for a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year!

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