Monday, April 1, 2013

Jennifer Byrne Recognized as an Innovator for Change in the Clinical Trials Industry

Today, Jennifer Byrne was chosen as one of the "20 Innovators Changing the Face of the Clinical Trial Industry" as part of an initiativeThe CenterWatch Monthly organized to mark its 20th year.

Jennifer has been recognized for founding the Greater Gift Initiative and CenterWatch says...

"Jennifer Byrne, president and COO of PMG Research wanted to honor clinical trial volunteers and let them know their participation matters. Her idea: For each volunteer who enrolls in a trial, a vaccine is donated to a child in need.
Byrne believes the initiative, which to date has donated 18,700 vaccines to children worldwide, allows study volunteers to feel they have made an important contribution to others, both in helping bring new drugs to market and in providing potentially life-saving vaccines to children. 'It allows them to connect the dots in a positive outcome-if not for themselves, hopefully for somebody else' she said.
Byrne, who has 25 years of clinical research experience, also believes the program can help boost the image of clinical trials and envisions vaccine donations for needy children becoming the industry-wide standard for honoring trial participation.
Her program, the Greater Gift Initiative, began under the umbrella of PMG Research and now has become an independent, nonprofit organization. It has expanded to include four additional site networks, as well as sponsors, CROs and independent physician investigators.
Byrne, who serves as the organization's founding president, said 'It's important to reinforce that what we do really is meaningful and does make a difference'."

Congratulations, Jennifer! It is your spirit, drive and dedication that has made PMG and GGI what it is today!

(Content adapted by the CenterWatch Monthly April Publication)


  1. Congratulations Jennifer

  2. You have made us all proud, with your sincere determination and hard work. Well done and Congratulations on the success.

  3. Well, it definitely seems like this award was given to a really deserving applicant! I can definitely see vaccine donation as a great incentive for volunteering for new clinical trials.


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