Thursday, August 1, 2013

PMG Research Investigators Lead the Way in Study Enrollment

We have been hearing frequently from our Site Managers who are sharing positive feedback from Sponsor and CRO partners about our enrollment success, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to share the news with all of our clinical trial partners – participants, Sponsors & CROs, investigators, and study teams.

When PMG does our part to enroll a study on time, it means a few different things:

For Sponsors, on-time enrollment helps keep a study on budget and schedule, which helps bring what might be the next groundbreaking treatment to the public sooner.

For Participants, it signifies that we are able to find study opportunities for thousands of volunteers every year, and that by succeeding for our sponsors, we are able to continue to offer a variety of clinical research options for our participants.

For our Investigators, enrollment leadership means delivering the highest quality data, with patient safety and care at the forefront of our efforts, while contributing to medical advancement and providing alternative options for patients.

For the PMG staff, achieving – and exceeding – study goals means we are truly living up to our Mission statement while helping both sponsors and participants:

Our Mission as an Integrated Site Network is to provide unparalleled service to our clinical trial partners. We commit to progress, integrity and excellence.

So, congratulations to all of our study teams, and to the following study teams in particular for the special recognition they have received. Keep up the great work, PMG!

PMG Research of Bristol
  • Exceeding enrollment goals by 77% in a recent meningitis vaccine study
PMG Research of Cary
  • Exceeding enrollment goals in an ongoing Irritable Bowel Syndrome study
  • A top enroller in an osteoarthritis of the knee study
  • Participation in 3 vaccine studies that received full citation for print publication in the peer-reviewed medical journal Vaccine
PMG Research of Charleston
  • A top enroller globally and a highlighted site in a cardiac disease and lipid study
  • Dr. Runquist is also a speaker at the upcoming investigator meeting for this study, discussing the site’s success and recruitment best practices
PMG Research of Charlotte

  • First in enrollment in an osteoarthritis of the knee study
  • First in the world in enrollment for an MS and spasticity trial
PMG Research of Hickory
  • Exceeding enrollment goals for studies of rosacea, diabetes, and gout
  • Highlighted in a video for the gout study as a top enroller, exceeding enrollment by 240%
PMG Research of Knoxville
  • Second and fourth in enrollment in an osteoarthritis of the knee study
PMG Research of Raleigh
  • Enrolling the very first patient globally into a hypercholesterolemia study
  • Exceeding enrollment goals in a recently-closed meningitis vaccine study
  • A top enroller in ongoing studies of gout, post-herpetic neuralgia, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis of the knee, and hypertriglyceridemia
PMG Research of Salisbury
  • A top enroller in an osteoarthritis of the knee study
PMG Research of Wilmington
  • First in enrollment in a peripheral artery disease study
  • Second in enrollment in a DVT (deep-vein thrombosis) study
  • Enrolling the very first patient in the world in a new asthma study
  • Enrolling one of the few patients nationally in an Alzheimer’s Disease study
  • A top enroller in a vascular disease study
PMG Research of Winston-Salem
  • A top enroller in a diabetes and heart disease study
  • Exceeding enrollment goals in two studies in diarrhea predominant IBS
  • Exceeding enrollment goals by 50% in 2 dermatology studies
  • Exceeding enrollment goals in male nocturia and diabetes device studies

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